Hello I’m Martin, the owner of My Coventry Plumber

In my early years I was always fascinated by the way things worked and how to fix and overcome problems. I have been so lucky in that I have know what I wanted to be in life; I was in love with the Mario Brothers as a child and it sounds funny now I’m older, but back then all I wanted to be was a plumber, like my heroes.

I set out to be the best I could be and I trained with a top London company to gain my qualifications.

Many years after this I had a baby and decided to start my own company, which offers more flexibility. Although this is challenging, I enjoy meeting new people, being my own boss and offering a good quality service.

Did you know?

We are G3 qualified. The G3 qualification, also known as an Unvented Hot Water qualification, provides us with the knowledge & skills needed to work with such systems.

We also carry an ID card that identifies us as a competent person in the installation and maintenance of domestic hot water storage systems.

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